Power Washing or SoftWash

Do I need it Power Washed or Soft Washed?

Midsouth Pro-wash specializes in cleaning residential and commercial properties through a (Soft Wash) system of using low pressure and a proprietary blend of biodegradable chemicals.   Not only does the SoftWash system not damage your shingles or siding, it can protect your home from future damage as well as increasing the value of your home.   Our three in one SoftWash System™ cleans the surface, gets rid of the algae, lichen and mildew and leaves behind a spore block inhibitor to protect against further infestation.  Our Certified “Soft-Wash” System has been used throughout the country to clean and treat over 100,000 roofs. It is fully approved by all shingles manufacturers. To see the differences between Power Washing and Soft Washing, view PowerWash vs SoftWash

The Process:

  • A  Midsouth Pro-Wash Certified SoftWash Technicians arrive at your home; perform a complete inspection of the overall property condition, notate any special conditions and provide a photograph is for your records.
  • Our technicians will then apply the first coat of cleaner. The first coat is a direct application to the more severe areas; this will allow those areas to dwell for 10 – 15 minutes prior to the full application.
  • The second coat is a full application of all areas. This coat will eradicate 99.9% of all bacteria and restore the proper appearance to most surfaces. Our technicians are fully trained to identify even the earliest signs of bacteria growth, so all areas will be treated regardless of the stage.
  • The third coat contains our industry-exclusive algaecide & preventative. This ensures complete bacterial eradication and is the key step to keeping your roof clean for many years to come.

Midsouth Pro-Wash backs every treatment with a 5-year SoftWash “Streak-Free” written guarantee.